Q1 Product Release: Contact Data is Here

I know it’s technically Q2, but on our internal product roadmap, this release is still known as our Q1 product release, so we’ll just go with that—or, if we wanted to be more accurate, it'd be our Q1 (+ 1.5 weeks) product release! I promise the release is all the better for the one and a half extra weeks of internal testing and refining. So, without further ado, here’s the release:


You get contact data, you get contact data, everyone gets contact data!

At the start of last year, we decided to do something we purposefully hadn’t done up until then and rolled out our decision-maker contact data for our Finnish and Swedish databases. Long story short, it was a big success, and our customers were happy (to say the least) to get top-tier contact data and top-tier company data from one provider.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve decided to expand our offering to include contact data for our Danish and Norwegian databases! And for this release, we’ve got over 7 million contacts in our Nordic databases!

Two important notes. First, our contact data is GDPR compliant. Second, the dataset is continuously being worked on and expanded, so the number of available contacts will grow with time. Here’s what it looks like in the UI:

Blog 1 - 2024-q1-product-release

Filters to help you find the contacts you’re looking for

To make it as easy to find the right people for you to contact, we’ve introduced a contact classification system, which distinguishes between decision-makers and non-decision-makers (DMs are recognizable with the blue icon next to their name) but also divides contacts into categories based on their function.

Our current function categories are:

  • Administration
  • Board
  • CEO
  • Communications
  • Development
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Mayor
  • Procurement
  • Production
  • RealEstate
  • Sales
  • Technology

Additionally, we’ve made it possible to filter contacts based on whether they’re decision-makers and their function so you can find exactly the people you’re looking to talk to. It’s also possible to filter contacts based on the availability of contact information, so you can make sure that we have a phone number or email address for the contacts you find in our database. 

Blog 2 - 2024-q1-product-release

If contacts are your focus, we’ve made it possible to view contacts in a separate tab (from the tab where you view companies). This means you don’t have to go into each company card to find your contacts.  

Blog 3 - 2024-q1-product-release

Getting contact data out of the Vainu Platform 

We know that not everyone just wants to access data via our platform, so we’ve made it possible to download our contact data. You can download contact data as a CSV file from the company view (which will download all contacts from the company as an additional file) or the contacts view (which will take any contact filters into account when downloading).  

Blog 4 - 2024-q1-product-release (2)

Of course, you’re not only able to download our contact data as a CSV—you’re also able to export contacts directly to your CRM via our Connectors!

Start contacting decision-makers today!

This release has been a long time in the making, so we hope it’s been worth the wait! We’re certainly very excited to get it into the world and into your hands. If you’re already a customer, and this sounds like something for you, then make sure to reach out to your customer success representative. If you’re not already a customer, and this sounds like something for you, then make sure to request a free trial and try it out for yourself. That’s it for this time—see you in the next product update! 

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Q1 Product Release: Contact Data is Here Nikolai Bang

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