More data points in target lists for better account insights

Here at Vainu, we believe that company data is an indispensable resource for sales and marketing people. We believe that salespeople and marketers should have access to a comprehensive range of data points to help them in their day-to-day activities. For this reason, we've decided to add new data points to the target lists that you can export from Vainu (to go through manually) or import into other systems, such as your CRM or marketing automation tool. These new data points will help you find new cross-selling opportunities and better target your outreach. 

The update is available to all Vainu users that have permission to export company lists. The new company list export (a CSV or an Excel-file) includes three additional data points, which are commonly used for filtering target accounts in the Vainu platform:

  • Countries of operations
  • Website languages
  • Technographics

Updated Target List Export

Unearth cross-sell opportunities: Countries of operations and website languages

Information about the countries of operation, i.e., the countries in which an organization has at least one subsidiary, is ideal for finding cross-selling opportunities in your existing client base. Having a productive business relationship with an organization in one market will often help facilitate the acquisition of a new business with the same organization in its other markets. After all, you’ve already got your foot in the door!

Often companies that operate in several countries have unique needs. Consider a translation agency that employs a team of Swedish and Finnish translators. More likely than not, Swedish companies operating in Finland – or the other way around – would be ideal potential customers for this agency as translation services are likely to be a need for such companies.

In this specific example, with the help of the new data points, the translation agency would be able to create more granular target segments, such as Swedish companies operating in Finland that don’t have a Finnish website. With an approach like that, the translation agency can approach the relevant companies with hyper-targeted messaging.

Website languages can give you an insight into the company's operations and its future endeavors and plans. Let's say your target account doesn't have a subsidiary in Russia. I bet knowing that they have their website in Russian might give you some insight into their future plans, and help inform your approach. After all, maybe you’ve already helped several companies successfully enter the Russian market!

Business Operations in Russia

Use technographic data for more advanced segmenting and targeting

The technologies that companies use leave digital footprints. This so-called technographic data can help you gain insight into prospects' intentions, priorities, and how they want to run their operations. Access to companies' MarTech stack enables you to understand your target accounts better.

Technographic data can include many different types of technologies, such as marketing automation, e-commerce platforms, content management, CRMs, live chats, and many others.

An agency providing technical consultation around specific platforms will most likely want to target companies that use the particular platforms they cater to or companies that use systems that integrate with these platforms. 

Having such information at your fingertips can help you further segment your target accounts, allowing a high level of personalization in your outreach. 

Any questions? If so, please feel free to contact us, and we'd be happy to tell you more!

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