New Buying Signals

Soon, it's a wrap, folks. Before the year ends, we want to share the FABs (Feature, Advantage, Benefit) regarding the new buying signals that we recently added to Vainu. With this update, we must say that all salespeople using Vainu will have more than enough ammunition to dazzle their sales prospects and kick-start the upcoming year like a superstar. Let us explain why.

Late Registration of Financial Statement

Now you can receive an alert every time a company's latest financial statement has been submitted late. Perhaps you already know that Vainu shows you when companies' financial calendar starts and ends. You should definitely be interested in this if you're working in the Financial industry or in an Accounting firm, for example. There's a penalty for companies handing in financial statements late, so a company might be needing a new accounting firm or accounting software if closing the books is currently a slow process. Whenever you get signal about a late submission, you can act immediately and land a quick sale by creating urgency for the company in question.

Reached 1MEUR turnover

Vainu alerts you about companies hitting a turnover of 1 million EUR. Needless to say, when companies grow, so does their need for new employees, equipment, office premises, and various services. That's why buying signals indicating growth should be in everyone's interest.

New Auxiliary Name

You can get an alert every time a company registers a new auxiliary name. For example, if a hotel or a restaurant registers a new auxiliary name, it often indicates that they are planning a new hotel or restaurant, or that they are rebranding their products or services. With the help of this signal, you'll know when and which companies are developing new brands, products or investing in new offerings. Valuable information e.g. for Event organizers, companies in Marketing, Branding, and PR.

New Company Established

In sales, first come, first served. Get notified whenever new companies are established and be the first one to contact them about new products and services. Very often new companies need a large variety of products and services from new office premises to phones, laptops, raw materials, etc. Again, valuable information for companies across all industries.


New Buying Signals

New Vehicle

Stay updated on companies' investments in new vehicles. Whenever a company's vehicle base is growing, there's most likely demand for car maintenance services and insurance services, for example. Be the one contacting your existing client or a potential one before your competitors do.

New Patent or Trademark

With the new patent signal, you’re able to identify companies that have patented some technology. Most likely, this kind of companies is opening new products or lines of business. By following up new patents, you can engage with your potential customers in an early stage as they get ready for product updates or product launches. More business opportunities for you! You are on top of what the companies are up to. If, for instance, Law, Consultancy, Importing/Exporting or Production is your domain, be sure to follow new patents in Vainu!

Change of CEO and Change in Board of Directors

As a salesperson, sometimes you may have faced a dead-end in terms of business negotiations. A change of CEO can unlock such situation. If you know when a company announces a new CEO, you can more easily identify new sales opportunities or restart the discussion. Naturally, this is essential information for account managers as the new CEO might change a company's practices and in general, have a big impact on the status quo. This applies too for changes happening among a company's Board of Directors. You can find these Signals in the Significant Employee Changes section in Vainu.

New Buying Signals

Buying Signals related to Technologies

Modern sales professionals are at the forefront of utilizing technographic data when doing sales prospecting or prioritizing their sales leads with lead or account scoring. Technographic data, i.e. the technologies that companies are using help salespeople understand companies' current or future needs. The technologies a company is using, tell a lot about the company's intentions, priorities and the way they want to run their operations.

Technographic data includes a number of categories such as marketing automation, e-commerce platforms, customer feedback management, application tracking systems, live chats, event management and many more. Read more here about how technographic data can help you draw valuable account insights about your sales prospects.

All the companies in e.g. Digital Marketing, Web design, Digital consultants, Commercial and communication agencies, Companies delivering e-commerce and Financing services should be interested in the following new buying signals related to deploying new technologies.

New e-commerce Technology

Be informed about what e-commerce technologies companies start using. New online stores need to attract visitors, and therefore these companies need greater visibility for their online store or, for example, add-ons to their new e-commerce tool. Often the need for services related to SEO and digital marketing as well as new financing services are in demand for these companies.

New Marketing Automation Tool and New CMS Platform

When a company deploys a new marketing automation system, the company is very likely willing to adopt other new digital tools as well. They might also be interested to hear about other innovative growth hacking tools. This kind of companies is most likely growth-oriented and interested in having a higher conversion rate. Companies starting to use or updating their content management system (CMS) perhaps need consultation in the creation and modification of their digital content and optimizing their web pages.

New Analytics Tool

Implementing a new analytics tool such as Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics often indicates that the company is interested in their conversion rates. Often these kinds of companies have a growing interest in other tools supporting growth through digitalization.

New Server Technology

A company deploying a new server technology might be interested in implementing some other useful technologies that are compatible with the new server.

New Chat and Support Tool, New ATS Tool

New chat or other customer support tools may indicate that a company needs also other customer service tools or customer service personnel since they're investing in digital customer service. You never know, so why not be the first one to ask? New application tracking systems (ATS) often indicate that a company is investing in digital recruitment channels, thus has a growing demand for recruitment services. Companies in Staffing and Recruiting, be sure to check out which companies are implementing new customer service or ATS tools!


Log in to Vainu to see these changes in action and be sure to check out our November product updates as well. Last month we launched a bunch of new buying signals, such as taxi, cargo, and public transport licenses.

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