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Introducing Workflow Triggers

Nothing is a harder sell than a prospect unwilling or unready to buy. It's one thing to convince prospects that you're selling a great product; it's another thing to convince them that the product you're selling is what they need at that exact moment.

New Buying Signals

Soon, it's a wrap, folks. Before the year ends, we want to share the FABs (Feature, Advantage, Benefit) regarding the new buying signals that we recently added to Vainu. With this update, we must say that all salespeople using Vainu will have more than enough ammunition to dazzle their sales prospects and kick-start the upcoming year like a superstar. Let us explain why.

Bring It On Q4, We're Ready!

While our sales teams have been busy in closing the third quarter of the year (hopefully you've been as well), our developers have created new, advantageous features in Vainu. We've added two new filters in Vainu: New Financial Statement and Open Positions in x Month. The latter may sound a bit cryptic, but the idea is simple yet extremely beneficial for salespeople.

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