April Product Updates Roundup: New in Vainu API

Connector Update: Independent data mapping for data updates and exports

March Product Updates Roundup

Five major improvements in the Mass Export

Connector Update: Vainu Custom Industries available for CRMs

Vainu Developer Hub: All-in-one portal for building with our API

Connector Update: New data formatting options available in data mapping

Mass Export: A single click to fuel your CRM with best-fit accounts

New in Vainu API: Custom Industry Confidence Scores

More flexible data mapping to keep your CRM data up-to-date

Introducing Workflow Triggers

Easily find sales opportunities with the new website keyword frequency filter

Improved company matching for better control over your CRM data updates

Vainu Custom Industries for personalization at scale

More data points in target lists for better account insights

Vainu for webCRM integration

Vainu Company View for Chrome and CRM Mass Export: Give productivity a boost

Updates on the Vehicle data view

One-to-one company search for Salesforce

Updates in Vainu's Finnish database to help you benefit from Vainu to the max

Streamline your Sales Process and Increase Productivity with Zapier

Upcoming Updates in Vainu's Dutch Database

Vainu’s real-time sales offering now available directly in the CRM

How group structure filters can unearth prospects operating worldwide

Subsidiaries: Navigating the maze

New Buying Signals

Christmas Came Early This Year

Bring It On Q4, We're Ready!

August Product Updates

May Product Updates

Capitalize on your CRM data in sales prospecting

Helping you find ideal customers and engage them the right way through the use of company-related business and sales intelligence.

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