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Finnish leasing company found in 2016, which provides vehicle leasing solutions for businesses.





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Järvileasing is a Finnish leasing company found in 2016, which provides car (and other vehicle) leasing solutions for businesses. Using Vainu, Järvileasing manifolded the number of booked meetings and closed deals and according to Järvileasing Sales Manager Mika Koljonen, the investment made on Vainu paid off during the first month of use.

Järvileasing implemented Vainu to their sales processes during fall of 2017. The primary motivation to use Vainu was to book more meetings with potential customers. “With Vainu, our prospecting is more accurate than before. We can use filters such as location and company-owned vehicle registration data to find the prospects we need to find,” Koljonen states and goes on to say, “by combining Vainu company data and company-owned vehicle data our bookers can - for example - contact companies that already have cars.”

Full calendar, thanks to Vainu!

“Meeting customers face to face is something you can’t automate. We need to be where our customers are,” Koljonen says. “Knowing exactly where all the potential customers are located has a direct positive effect on sales,” According to Koljonen, most companies in their industry passively wait for customers to come to them. “Our selling is active in nature. We are not afraid to meet with our customers.”

Järvileasing hasn’t only increased the number of bookings, but also improved the quality of prospects they contact. “At the time we started using Vainu we also re-organized how we book new meetings. Vainu had a big part in making the whole process more systematic. Only a few weeks after the reformation we started to see tremendous growth in the number of booked meetings and closed deals.”

Järvileasingin myyntipäällikkö Mika Koljonen

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"Having a well built list of prospects makes it possible for us to scale sales easily. Vainu continuously finds us first-rate prospects and it paid off itself in only few weeks."

Mika Koljonen
Mika Koljonen

Sales Manager

Vainu quadrupled the amount of booked meetings

“Vainu has quadrupled the amount of booked meetings. During particular weeks matters have been even better. Booking hit-rate has increased by 350%,” Koljonen sums up. Increase in the number of meetings and closed deals has been so significant that Vainu has paid off itself in just a few weeks.

In 2017, Järvileasing increased its revenue by 600% compared to the year 2016. They are ambitious about their future and plan to keep growing in the year 2018. With Vainu as a partner, they can scale up their business effortlessly.

Koljonen trusts that having company car as a benefit increases employee commitment and believes it to be a emerging trend of 2018. With the support of Vainu, Järvileasing is able to provide these benefits to growing number of customers more easily than ever before.