> 20 %

B2B revenue growth / year

+ 25 %

Average deal size / year
Gigantti / Elkjøp

A consumer electronics store chain that is part of Norwegian Elkjøp-group.



Vantaa, Finland


Consumer Electronics



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Gigantti, a part of a Norwegian Elkjøp-group, is a consumer electronics store chain with more than 400 stores and over 10,000 employees in the Nordics. The company first opened in Finland in 1999, and the chain has since established itself as one of the most popular in the country. Gigantti is well-known for its B2C sales, but since 2016, growth through B2B sales has been an integral part of the chain's strategy. 

Until 2016, Gigantti's B2B sales mainly consisted of managing their existing B2B client base. Then Gigantti made a change in their strategy: "We concluded that we'd concentrate on finding growth from B2B sales," says Gigantti's commercial director, Tuomo Laukkonen, and goes on, "We still take great care of our current customers but have an increased emphasis on finding new possibilities, and we needed a modern sales prospecting tool for that purpose."

The era of data-driven sales

Laukkonen had been using Vainu in his previous job. When Laukkonen later started as Gigantti’s Head of B2B in 2016, he introduced Vainu to the Gigantti B2B team. Rapidly Vainu became a crucial part of the salespeoples’ day-to-day. "Our salespeople are active users of Vainu. You can get all the information you need about a company in one single view," Laukkonen praises.

Gigantti’s B2B sales channels include the website, stores, a B2B sales center, and 18 newly opened B2B sales offices. Vainu's company information has had a significant impact in choosing the office locations. "It was easy to rationalize the establishment of a sales office in, for example, Vaasa, as there were 11,000 companies in total and many of them potential future clients for us."

Credit reports integrated to Vainu

Vainu has various built-in integrations, and it's easy to integrate into third-party applications. For Gigantti, Vainu has built a custom integration that enables salespeople to check company credit reports from the company page in Vainu. For Laukkonen, the integration project was one of the easiest of his career and he hopes that Vainu collaboration will bring even more automation to their sales pipeline in the future. "We've discussed the possibility of Vainu prescribing which companies to contact and at what time," Laukkonen reveals.

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“I think it's fantastic that Vainu develops continuously, and I think there are many ways of using Vainu that neither party has yet realized.”

Tuomo Laukkonen
Tuomo Laukkonen

Commercial Director

Collaboration has only scratched the surface

Before Vainu, Gigantti hardly made B2B sales, but now, as B2B is an essential part of their strategy, the tool has become crucial in building their sales pipeline. Focusing on B2B and striving for growth, the investments have paid off. "We've grown fast in the Nordics, and only in Finland, we increased our revenue by 25 percent last year and now 22 percent," Laukkonen states. Vainu has also had a substantial effect on the salespeople's average deal size, which has increased by 25%.

Laukkonen has high expectations for the future with Vainu and believes that the potential of the collaboration has only scratched the surface. "I think it's fantastic that Vainu develops continuously, and I think there are many ways of using Vainu that neither party has yet realized," Laukkonen concludes.