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The company

Cramo is one of Europe’s leading companies specializing in construction equipment rental services and the rental of modular space. At the beginning of 2018, the Cramo sales organization was at a turning point: All sales-related chaos was set to be minimized. Old, unsystematic methods of doing sales were left behind, and new, well-articulated targets were set to make the company goals crystal clear. The new way of doing things included crystal clear targets for each team with regard to the volume and the value of deals. The ultimate goal was to simply acquire more customers. To make new goals achievable, sales reps required better tools to make the growth possible. Cramo ended up choosing Vainu as the main tool for finding new customers.

Before Vainu, finding new customers was based merely on third-party company listings. Mikko Tervakangas shows an old Excel file from his laptop and explains that he has already cleaned up several columns of useless information out of it. Still, it seems complicated: "This is really hard to make any sense of,"  Tervakangas sighs. When inquired whether the promises made during the initial Vainu-presentation have been met, Tervakangas is fast to reply: "Absolutely!"

“At the beginning of the year, we recruited three new sales reps to focus solely on customer acquisition, and they've closed new deals worth 5M euros with the help of Vainu.”

Mikko Tervakangas

Sales Director at Cramo Finland Oy

The solution

Need to find every construction company there is

Cramo strives to contact every construction company in Finland, and it's not an easy task. It's impossible to keep track of tens of thousands of companies, even for an experienced sales rep. This is why salespeople at Cramo – Tervakangas included – use Vainu daily to find fitting new targets.

One time, an experienced sales rep assumed that a company was the customer of a competitor because their logo was visible above the entranceway of the company. Later, a sales rep found this same company using Vainu and gave them a call without knowing about the logo above the door. Eventually, Cramo closed a deal worth up to half a million euros from this company. The lesson is to never assume anything if it's not based on data.

Along with finding new customers, Tervakangas is interested in current customers and what's happening with their business. He regularly goes through governmental construction-related public records from Vainu. These records often imply which companies will need Cramo's services in the future. It's essential to be the first to contact a company when a need arises, Tervakangas underlines. "We're helping the customer from the creation of the worksite until the building is ready. If we miss the project kickoff, we miss a lot of potential revenue."



Exponential growth supported by Vainu

Tervakangas reveals that the initial start with Vainu wasn't ambitious from Cramo's end. However, Vainu proved itself genuinely transformative in streamlining the sales process. One of the many Vainu features that make Cramoans happy is the possibility to draw areas on a map and get a list of all the potential customers in that area. "It's next to impossible to get that information by using Google", Tervakangas says.

The transformation that was kicked off in early 2018 has been successful. Growth has been exponential, and revenue from new customers has doubled every month. Tervakangas reveals that during the first six months, Cramoans have found 360 new customers using Vainu, and of those, 136 are thanks to a new sales team: "At the beginning of the year, we recruited three new sales reps to focus solely on customer acquisition, and they've closed new deals worth 5M euros with the help of Vainu."

Vainu also saves Cramo's reps a considerable amount of time. Tervakangas is happy with the results: "We only use a fifth of the time in sales prospecting than before Vainu. It's essential for our success to have all the company-related information instantly at hand."

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