Case study: Heinon Tukku

During the first 9 months of using Vainu, Heinon Tukku has found 450 fresh leads and generated contracts worth 6 million euros.


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The company

Heinon Tukku is a traditional family-owned wholesale company, initially found in 1899. The company started as a small business selling meat at a marketplace in Helsinki and has since grown to a corporation that generates more than 250 million euros of revenue per year. To prosper in this industry, it's essential to be the first to ask when a need arises. With Vainu, Heinon Tukku can beat the competition, and during the first 9 months of use, they've generated contracts worth an estimated 6 million euros from Vainu-originated leads.

Oskari Lammi, Heinon Tukku Key Account Manager, is a former Gigantti employee and a Vainu-veteran. When he started at Heinon Tukku, one of the first things he did, was to suggest his manager take a look at Vainu. Vainu salespeople gave Heinon Tukku management a presentation, and a week after Oskari started at the company, Heinon Tukku began using Vainu.

“I’ve acquired several new accounts by following the reports of new companies from Vainu. In this business, being the first is being the winner!”

Oskari Lammi

Kay Account Manager at Heinon Tukku

Beat the competition with Vainu

In sales, timing is essential. Being the first to ask, increases the chances of winning the deal dramatically. For Heinon Tukku, the most typical customer is either a hotel or a restaurant. In the latter category, new companies arise daily, and every new restaurant usually needs a wholesale partner. In Vainu, it's possible to keep track of new companies born in the chosen industry. “I’ve acquired several new accounts by following the reports of new companies from Vainu. In this business, being the first is being the winner!” Oskari states.

Acquiring a new business is not the only field that benefits from imminently reacting salespeople. Heinon Tukku diligently follows the signals from their current customers and acts when a signal of–for example–a customer raising a new place of business breaks out. Understanding the existing customer base is essential for the wholesaler as adequate time is required to adapt their purchases, especially when a hotel or a restaurant of a larger magnitude establishes.

In addition to this, Oskari follows signals from accounts that he desires to have. "In a few cases, I've received notification of change of ownership at a company I'd like to have as a customer and won a deal after contacting the new owner." When asking whether he would have won these deals without Vainu, Lammi is quick to answer: "Maybe, if I was fortunate, but seriously: definitely not."

Decent return-on-investment

Vainu saves Heinon Tukku up to 50% of the time used on sales prospecting and–as said–reveals possibilities otherwise undetected. Oskari and his colleagues find up to 60 leads every month with the tool and have conducted 450 Vainu-originated meetings during the nine-month period that they've used Vainu. Of these meetings, the team has managed to sign contracts which value estimated 6 million euros.

A decent ROI for a single tool.

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