50 %

Better hit rate from call to meeting

25 %

More conducted sales meetings

36 %

Better hit rate from meeting to deal
Academic Work Finland

Academic Work is a company specialized in the recruitment and staffing of young professionals.



Helsinki, Finland


Recruitment and Staffing



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Academic Work is a company specialized in the recruitment and staffing of young professionals. Their goal is to increase their annual turnover to 100€ million by 2022, which requires well-functioning sales tools on top of a competent sales organization.

Academic Work began using Vainu in autumn 2014, when they used Vainu side by side with another prospecting tool by Fonecta. "We saw pretty quickly that everyone began using just Vainu. Well it was quite unnecessary to pay for two so we resigned the competitor. Our employees are nuts about Vainu!" Jukka Pulkkinen, Academic Work's Head of Sales reveals. With the help of Vainu the salespeople at Academic Work find new and better prospects faster which has resulted in better converting meetings as well.

More efficient processing of prospect and customer portfolios

Besides faster and more productive sales prospecting, Academic Works uses Vainu Analyze data visualization tool to improve the the "processing" of salespeople's prospect and customer portfolios. "We aim at the most efficient processing of our industry. The idea is that every salesperson needs to be able to process 100% of his/her portfolio – this is especially important as we hire more and more employees and the size of one's portfolio diminishes" Pulkkinen shares and clarifies: "Every salesperson at Academic Work runs his/her portfolio through Vainu Analyzer once a quarter. Based on the data they then drop those prospects they don't have time for and in which they don't feel sensible to invest time.

Vainu Analyzer is especially capitalized on the management level as Account Manager / Team Manager Timo Koiso-Kanttila explains: "I use Vainu Analyzer tool when we're analyzing the customer portfolios of my subordinates' and fine tuning sales alignment. I've found Vainu Analyzer to be a terrific tool for this use case."

In Timo's own words he's used Vainu very actively throughout his three-year Academic Work sales career. "In the beginning my sales prospecting was heavily focused on finding new potential clients which was extremely easy with the help of Vainu. Nowadays when I've already accumulated an extensive customer portfolio of my own, I use Vainu's static lists (portfolios) to follow what's going on with my clients, what kinds of projects they are having or going to have and, based on this knowledge, when resourcing would be a current topic of discussion to them. With Vainu I get good‑quality and up‑to‑date data so that I am able to be at the right place at the right time."

The tactic has seemed to work as Academic Work Finland has grown its revenue in three years 145%; in 2017 the turnover will grow by 55% and the revenue backlog by 98%. "Obviously this isn't due to one factor alone, but Vainu has noticeably helped our growth" Pulkkinen states. All together Academic Work has over 50,000 log ins and at the point of the interview there had been more than 60 unique users during the past week. "We've put all our eggs in one basket when it comes to sales prospecting – and that basket has Vainu's name on it. First we tested the software in Finland and now we have Sweden and Norway as well using Vainu. All our operating countries would like to have Vainu if only Vainu's sales intelligence platform would be available in the countries."

Jukka Pulkkinen Academic Work

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"All our sales prospecting in Finland, Sweden and Norway is done through Vainu and our employees are nuts about it! Vainu Analyzer on the other hand is an amazing tool in improving our salespeople's prospect and customer portfolios. Everyone uses Vainu and it is a part of the onboarding process of every new salesperson."

Jukka Pulkkinen
Jukka Pulkkinen

Head of Sales

Less time for calling, more time for helping customers

Before Vainu every fifth phone call led to a meeting whereas currently almost every third results in a meeting. On average Academic Work salespeople are conducting 25% more meetings than in 2014 and these result in deals 36% more often.

Vainu has been optimizing and improving the whole sales pipeline of Academic Work, bring salespeople better and more current prospects. This has enabled them to use 17% less time in calling and instead focus on the essential: mapping out the needs of prospects and customers and helping them to overcome them. In theory, the improvements by Vainu in hit rate of phone calls (50%) and meetings (36%) mean 70% more sales per person on average! The annual turnover has grown from pre-Vainu era by 145%. Besides Vainu, the future success of Academic Work is based on their 12‑week accelerated learning training concept Academy and their free ATS platform Happo.

During the three-year period of customership, the salespeople at Academic Work have logged in to Vainu more than 50 000 times. When asked how well their sales tools are working, 100% consider their current tools well-functioning. No wonder the use rate of Vainu is 100%: "Everyone uses Vainu and it is a part of the onboarding process of every new salesperson" Pulkkinen concludes.