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Consultify is a staffing company that focuses on putting young adults 18-30 years of age to work.



Kalmar, Sweden


Recruitment and Staffing



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Consultify is a staffing company dedicated to helping young adults aged 18-30 years find a job. The company was founded in Kalmar, Sweden, in late 2016 and has grown rapidly since the start. This year, the company is expecting a turnover of 2 million euros and inn ten years the goal is to have active operations in the whole Nordics.

Consultify was founded in late 2016 by three brothers with an ambitious goal: to build a staffing company that's operating in the whole Nordics and has an 8-figure turnover by 2031. To reach this goal, Consultify started to use Vainu’s prospecting platform in August last year. In the ten months since then, the company has found over 1,200 new leads through the tool and managed to diminish the time they spend on prospecting with 90%. This year, Consultify's turnover is estimated to grow by 350%, from 550,000 to 2 million euros. This wouldn’t have been possible without Vainu according to the company’s Head of Sales and Co-Founder, Rasmus Kallemby.

“We want to help as many young people as possible to find a job. We believe that a strong will and actual competence is more important than the right education. Vainu helps us put more talents in work,” says Rasmus Kallemby.

How Vainu solved their problem?

Consultify has grown rapidly since the start in 2016. To make sure the company can keep up the high growth rate also in the future, Rasmus Kallemby started to look for a tool that could help increase the company's total sales last summer. That was when he first got in contact with Vainu. When Consultify adopted Vainu in August 2017 it took less than a week before they got their first new customer through the tool.

Consultify currently focuses on offering personnel to companies in the south of Sweden in industries where a lot of physical labor is required, e.g., construction and janitor positions. Previously, the salespeople at Consultify found new customers through time-consuming web searches. With a large number of tabs open in the web browser, they tried to put together all available information about every company manually.

”Today, Vainu does this work for us. Previously our salespeople could spend a whole day on prospecting. Now all that's needed to get the same job done is one search in Vainu. We find better prospects while spending a staggering 90 percent less time on prospecting,” says Rasmus Kallemby.

Consultify’s salespeople are active users of Vainu’s filter buying signals. They use this feature mainly to surface new companies that are recruiting within their focus areas. The map-function later helps them filter out only those organizations that operate in the geographical area where Consultify is active.


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"Previously our salespeople could spend a whole day on prospecting. Now all that's needed to get the same job done is one search in Vainu. We find better prospects while spending a staggering 90 percent less time on prospecting."

Rasmus Kallemby at Consultify
Rasmus Kallemby

Head of Sales and Co-Founder 

Expect to increase its turnover with 350% in 2018

In 2017, Consultify had a turnover of 550,000 euros. This year, they expect the figure to land somewhere between 2 and 2.5 million euros.

“There are, of course, several factors that have had an impact on our growth, but one thing is for sure: we wouldn't be able to increase our turnover with 350 percent without Vainu.

Short after that Consultify started to use Vainu they adopted Pipedrive CRM and started to use Vainu’s two-way CRM integration with the system. Now they can quickly move promising prospects from Vainu to their CRM. The integration also helps Consultify’s salespeople keep better track of how they’ve processed each prospect and find out when the timing to make a new touchpoint is right.

”Vainu together with Pipedrive helps us book more and better meetings,” says Rasmus Kallemby.

He continues:

“Vainu is a huge and great tool. We always get support when we need it, either we call our contact person at Vainu, or we use the built-in chat tool.”