The Vainu Connector is a HubSpot Certified App

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The Vainu Connector is now a HubSpot Certified App!

Becoming a HubSpot Certified App means that the HubSpot Product team has reviewed the app and confirmed that it meets their security, privacy, reliability, performance, usability, accessibility, and value requirements.

We’ve always been confident in the quality of our app, but it’s nice to get recognition for a job well done nonetheless. 

With this certification, we hope new and existing users will know that the Vainu Connector is an app they can trust and rely on to bring company data into HubSpot.

We’ve previously written a blog post about how Vainu and HubSpot are better together, so if you want to learn more about the Vainu-HubSpot Connector, consider giving it a read.

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The Vainu Connector is a HubSpot Certified App Nikolai Bang

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