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Got it! Opens Another New Office - Expands to Copenhagen, Denmark

Helsinki, FI - SEPTEMBER 19, 2018 - Vainu, one of the fastest growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies coming out of the Nordics, will open its first Danish office in Copenhagen in November 2018.

This move will further strengthen Vainu’s position in the Nordics and its commitment to providing Danish clients world-class support, as well as bringing smarter company data to the rest of the Danish market.

Vainu has served Danish customers out of its other Nordic offices since 2016, and for Co-Founder Mikko Honkanen, this move is an important step for the growing company.

“The Danish market has become increasingly important for us, partly because we’re seeing a growing number of Danish companies implementing new web-based sales and marketing technology lately. We integrate with the most common CRM and marketing automation platforms and consequently arm salespeople with a process to do prospecting more efficiently. On top of that, Copenhagen is one of the best talent pools in the Nordics, and we’re looking to find a lot of local people to join the team.”

Mikko Honkanen
Co-Founder of

Vainu is currently working with a growing number of sales organizations in Denmark by providing its company data platform, which contains a traditional company database enriched with open data from the web and other public sources. This enables sales and marketing professionals to find the right timing to approach new clients as well as finding more relevant ways to pinpoint prospects within their ideal customer profile.

This has for example proven to be a successful method for European Media Partner.

”We started using Vainu because prospecting was too time-consuming. Instead of spending hours manually searching the web we can now easily create intelligent target groups in a few minutes. Vainu’s two-way CRM integration also helps us keep track of all our existing contacts and eliminate the need for manual data entry.”

Irian Rajic
CEO of European Media Partner, Denmark

Vainu integrates directly with several sales technology providers, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Upsales and Pipedrive, as well as to over 1,000 other softwares through the integration platform Zapier.

This enables efficient and time-saving workflows for sales professionals, as well as supporting marketing departments by using rich company data for qualifying inbound leads and strengthening predictive lead scoring.

For more information please contact:

Mo Younis
Sales Team Lead, Denmark
+46 722 02 48 40

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About Vainu

Vainu is a Company Data Platform helping companies allocate their sales and marketing efforts to those accounts that are most likely to convert. Over 2,000 organizations in seven different countries use Vainu to identify actionable insights and timely leads and, therefore, save time and sell more – with a better hit rate. Vainu’s mission is to collect, read and understand all the information ever written about every company in the world, and then make this information comprehensible to everyone.

Vainu was founded in Helsinki in 2014 and has grown from 3 founders to 180+ employees without any external funding, and is currently helping a wide range of startups and global organizations to use company data in their sales and marketing processes. For more information please visit

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Mo Younis

Mo is heading Vainu's newest office in Copenhagen, Denmark, before which he worked in Vainu's Stockholm office.