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Taylerd is a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating websites that convert.



Stockholm, Sweden


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Taylerd is a recently founded web design agency looking to grow in a competitive market. Their short-term goal is to grow their total number of customers, and they were looking for the right tool to help them identify their total addressable market.

Taylerd is a small company founded in September 2018. They have a sales team of two people, with the goal of growing their number of customers in a competitive Swedish web design market.

Before Vainu, they were relying heavily on static lists, and mainly focusing on companies within the construction industry. “We were using a regular prospecting tool, and we’d start by figuring out which industries typically have bad websites, and then manually check if the websites were actually bad. I had a sales background in construction, so that’s primarily who we targeted”, says CEO Philip Hägglund, reminiscing over the early days of the company.

Larger pool of prospects to target

The Taylerd sales team found Vainu shortly after their launch, and quickly fell in love with the idea. Philip summarizes: “My colleague and I were talking about how cool it would be to just find tool that identifies every company with a bad website. And then I saw something about Vainu on LinkedIn. When we saw the platform in a demo, we were stunned at how powerful it was.”

Their old process of starting from a static list was quickly replaced with Vainu, which heavily expanded their total addressable market. “The common thread amongst our customers are websites in need of an update. Instead of starting from an industry, with Vainu we can start straight from the bad websites and look across all industries. Now we can sell all over.”

In addition to identifying certain technologies such as older CMS platforms, Philip mentions multiple other ways of identifying companies in need of some web help. “We use different keywords on a website, such as ‘under construction’ or outdated copyright mentions… the possibilities are endless. And it’s a huge time-saver in finding only the right companies quickly, filtering this data with things like revenue.” Not only are they identifying more and more companies with poor websites, then, but they’re also able to focus on the types of companies that yield the highest returns.


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"In a small team, we have to be productive all the time. We’re two people doing sales, and we’re both saving 10 hours a week easy. I’d say we save 10,000 SEK per week compared to alternative solutions to our prospecting problem."

Philip Hägglund Taylerd


Less time prospecting, more time with potential customers

For Taylerd, getting up and running with Vainu was quick and easy. “It’s super intuitive, the system isn’t hard at all. You need to spend some time figuring out the ways to find a good target company, but our Customer Success contact really helped us out with getting the first searches going”, says Philip.

In a small two-person sales team, the biggest benefit by far during their short experience with Vainu has been the time saved. “We’re two people doing sales, and we’re both saving 10 hours easy a week. And now we can focus more on booking meetings, because we don’t have to prospect nearly as much. I source my call list at the beginning of the week, and I’m good to go.” With that time saved, Taylerd is generating more business: the team is conducting 30% more meetings per week than before Vainu.

For others considering using Vainu for prospecting, Philip says “Just go for it. For a web design agency, we are more on the sales-oriented end of the spectrum, but if you do any sales at all I’d definitely recommend Vainu for the other agencies out there.”