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Less time spent prospecting

ViaBill is a financial services company making online payments easier and more flexible both for the business and the consumer.



Aarhus, Denmark





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ViaBill is a Danish payments company that offers seamless and flexible financing for consumers online. There are already more than 4,000 online merchants offering ViaBill’s payment method at checkout.

ViaBill’s European sales team has been tasked to grow that number of online merchants across Europe. In addition to Kasper Klit, Head of Sales, the team consists of Key Account Managers, focused on nurturing relationships with larger merchants, and external Sales Representatives, conducting outreach towards smaller web shops.

Quick and accurate lists of net new companies

Before Kasper joined ViaBill in November 2018, the company had been purchasing lists of e-commerce companies from different sources. These were a cause for some frustration, as the lists were of varying quality and hard to evaluate compared to a dynamic database. After assessing the situation, Kasper contacted Vainu about a potential solution. “I’d seen a presentation of Vainu at my previous company and liked it, so when I started in the new role and noticed we didn’t have a solution in place, I saw a potential fit.

With the help of Vainu’s platform, ViaBill was able to quickly identify their potential target companies by filtering based on relevant website technologies: e-commerce platforms ViaBill integrated into, for example. The key benefit for the team, however, was the time saved through filtering out existing customers and prospects: “In Denmark, we already have thousands of customers and know a lot of the web stores. So any list we create will automatically have tons of companies we’ve already contacted. With Vainu, we were able to exclude all those companies and focus on the new ones, which cut our prospecting time in half.”

Another benefit was the possibility to integrate Vainu data into ViaBill’s CRM of choice, Pipedrive. “It’s great adding companies into your CRM through Vainu with just a click of a button, it’s so much better than manual data entry. Sometimes, even if we find the company elsewhere online, we’ll add the company through Vainu”, says Kasper.


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”In January, our first month using Vainu, we closed more deals than in November and December combined. It’s safe to say we’ve made our money back more than once.”

Kasper Klit

Head of Sales

monthly deals doubled

Thanks to the more relevant lists and extra time available, ViaBill was able to boost their sales output instantly. According to Kasper, the team saw results already in the first month using Vainu: "While our sales pitch is still the same, our sales reps never run out of good prospects to contact, which has had a huge impact on our results. In January … we closed more deals than in November and December combined, and February is looking even better. It’s safe to say we’ve made our money back more than once.”

With their success in existing markets thus far, it’s no surprise that ViaBill is looking to expand. The plan is to keep Vainu in its tool stack moving forward: “We’re already in talks about the next markets, it definitely makes market entry a lot easier.” Compared to other sales tools out there, what makes Vainu stand out is how straightforward it is. “A lot of people I know use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and I’ve recommended Vainu instead. It’s very time-consuming to use compared to this, and you also get a lot more information about the company. Vainu’s great when you have a specific need and you want your data quickly and easily.”